PHOTO: Badlands

We love the beautiful textures captured in this gorgeous photograph of the New Mexico Badlands.

Photo by Wayne Suggs

Wayne Suggs has been photographing landscapes for over 40 years. He was introduced to the wonders of nature at an early age by parents who knew the importance of having a relationship with the Great Outdoors. Wayne captures the beauty of the Southwest and shares his images not only for others to enjoy, but to help increase awareness for the necessity to preserve our precious surroundings.  

Wayne has won numerous awards for his photography, including the 14th Annual New Mexico Magazine Photographer of the Year, the Oliver Award for his work on night photography with petroglyphs, along with many others. His work can be seen in national, state, and local publications such as New Mexico Magazine, The Reflector Astronomy Magazine, New Mexico Travelers Guide, and the Wilderness Society Publications to name a few. His work can also be seen displayed in galleries around the Southwest.