Wildlife West Nature Park

Looking for a great way to spend the day? How about taking a trip out to the Wildlife West Nature Park? Conveniently located just 20 minutes east of Albuquerque’s city limits, the Wildlife West Nature Park offers close up viewing of 24 species of native wildlife, including birds of prey, cougars, elk, tree climbing grey foxes and more. But this isn’t your average zoo. The animals here endured some sort of trauma that makes it impossible to live independently in the wild, be it a car accident or an inhumane housing situation. In the park, they are able to live out the rest of their lives peacefully and naturally.

If you go, don’t miss the wooden cat tree in the heart of the park. The structure provides shelter and entertainment for the park’s two resident mountain lions, True and Zia, and also a high perch from which they frequently people-watch.