The Santa Fe River Park and Trail

Santa_Fe_River_Park_Did you know that Santa Fe has its own river? No, not the iconic Rio Grande, which runs west of town. We’re talking about the Santa Fe River, a tributary of the Rio Grande that provides approximately 40% of the city’s water supply
The Santa Fe River Park and Trail follows the river for nearly 10 miles from Patrick Smith Park on East Alameda Street to Camino Real Park just off Airport Road on the southside of town. Alameda Street runs through the heart of the downtown, providing tourists and locals alike with a lovely jaunt along the river while taking in the sights of the Plaza.
The trail and parkway are not yet complete, with various areas still under construction. Upon completion, the trail will add to Santa Fe’s network of urban trails while the parkway will provide trails for walking and biking, open space corridors, and a series of parks.
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