Thank you for an amazing year!

As we bid adieu to 2017, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers for all of your support and well wishes!  It has been an amazing year for our real estate business.  We sold 11 properties in 2017 and ended up finishing in the top 28th percentile of Realtors in the MLS which consists of almost 700 brokers.

Since we began this crazy venture in June of 2016 we have already sold close to $7,000,000 in volume! We have been honored to represent some truly beautiful homes and help their owners transition either into new lives far away from Santa Fe, or simply into a bigger or a smaller home based on their changing lifestyles. We were also very proud to assist a wide variety of buyers from Millennials who were buying their first home, to active retirees who were finally able to fulfill their long held dreams of living in Santa Fe.

There were many “adventures” as well! Septic systems and sewer lines that unexpectedly needed replacing, last minute loan issues, and surprise moldy basements to name a few. When a real estate transaction goes off without a hitch, we all feel blessed, but more often the unexpected occurs and it is our job to help our buyers and sellers surmount these hurdles and continue onward to homeowner satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than helping you to achieve your dreams. It has been a wonderful and rewarding ride and we look forward to having the opportunity to assist you, your friends, and your family in 2018.

Here is a list of our sales for 2017. Prices are the list price at the time of sale.

2014 Zozobra Lane                                      $465,000

1659 Sentiero Della Villa                            $559,000

7 Monte Alto Court                                     $333,300

20 Ute Circle                                                $360,000

3 & 11 Mckee Road                                     $300,000

23 Descanso Road                                       $515,000

42 Eagle Ridge Road                                   $268,000

1000 Calle Vianson                                     $259,000

2703 Paseo de Canto                                   $325,000

407 Michelle Court                                      $485,000

2169 Ridgeview Circle                                 $390,000


With love and gratitude,

Adrienne DeGuere and Vanessa Rios y Valles