Taco Fundación

Believe it or not, Santa Fe can always seem to accommodate another taco eatery.  We were thrilled to see Taco Fundacion arrive in 2017, taking over the home of the former Bert’s Burger Bowl, which happens to be within walking distance of our office (yes!).

Our feeling is that tacos should fall into three categories: super yummy, cooked fast, and inexpensive.  These tacos hit all of these marks as well as offering flavor combinations we have yet to see anywhere else.  How about a bison taco with creamed corn, oaxaca cheese, and avocado crema?  Or a deep fried avocado taco with cilantro sauce and pico de gallo?  And the vegetarian options offer sweet potato with garlic kale, and baby artichokes with fingerling potato and avocado, and a portabello offering.  Carnivores, don’t worry.  The chicken mole taco and the el pastor taco rank among our favorites, as well as the shrimp taco and the fried oyster.

Ah, heck!  Go check out their menu for yourself and let us know what your favorites are!