Santa Fe DEAD

If you still have no plans for tonight then why not check out SANTA FE DEAD. This new experience from the Santa Fe Playhouse is part haunted house, part interactive theater and part live-action video game. At staggered times all evening, participants will form a team to be guided through zombie-infested buildings in search of the cure to the zombie infection. Armed with neurotoxin darts (Nerf guns), your team will hunt zombies throughout the entire building. But beware, the zombies are hunting you, too; this 45-minute adventure-production includes climbing stairs and the zombies are allowed to touch you, so keep your wits about you.

Missions depart 14 times per night between 6:30 and 10:15 at 1400 Boylan Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87507.

Tickets are only $25 for Halloween Weekend, October 28-31