Remix Audio Bar

We love checking out new establishments in Santa Fe – especially when they’re located within walking distance of our office and they serve delectable coffee and tea beverages.

Hitting all of those sweet spots is Remix Audio Bar.  Located at 101 West Marcy Street above La Lecheria, Remix not only offers an impressive menu of espresso and tea beverages (including matcha, chai, green and black teas, mushroom mama, and kombucha on tap!), it also has wireless headphones at the ready for customers to listen to recorded DJ sets or Spotify playlists in various genres.

Open from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm daily (yes! a late night Santa Fe offering!), Remix also has plans to host live DJs, up to three at a time.

Check out what Remix’s owners have to say about their vision from their website: “We are creating a space for a, once old-school underground, now mainstream Global culture using new innovative technologies to connect with each other. We are all about music, bringing the most knowledgeable DJs and producers, mostly local, together to create and innovate (remix, if you will) this sub-culture that fosters a healthier and sustainable party lifestyle within the electronic music community. We are taking the existing electronic music culture lifestyle and remixing it in a way no one has done before.” -Joolz