Imagine, if you will, a restaurant completely devoted to mac and cheese, where it is not just your favorite option, but almost every option! This is not just a dream, people–it has become reality! Santa Fe has such a pleasure palace now, and it is called, appropriately enough, Macalicious!

The menu has 10 different mac and cheese combinations. There’s the traditional “Classic” with aged cheddar and American cheese, a “Four Cheese” option with Gouda, fontina, Parmesan and ricotta, and of course, the obligatory “Santa Fe” with green chile, Monterey jack and cheddar. From there, things get even more interesting.  Prices range from $7 to $12 for single servings. Heaven! We were there for the soft opening and we give it two thumbs up!

Where: 226 N. Guadalupe St.