Lion & Honey

We are not sure how to even begin telling you about the Guadalupe/Railyard area’s newest coffee and snack spot: Lion & Honey. First and foremost Lion and Honey is a full-blown coffee bar, serving exclusively Italian dark-roasted coffee in pour-over, espresso or nitro styles. They also serve “bubble waffles” a trendy new street food originating in Hong Kong. Then there is the made from scratch bubble tea (sweetened milk tea with tapioca pearls). For the kids (or the kid in you) indulge in soft serve ice-cream OR one of your old time favorite sugary cereals like Lucky Charms or Cap’n Crunch. And if that’s not enough Lion & Honey also carries its own line of CBD oil, a completely legal, hemp-based oil that theoretically contains many of the pain-relieving and soothing components of medical marijuana without the high. Then starting in May, they will offer paninis for lunch along with a long-lost Santa Fe favorite: David Jacoby’s famously addictive Hungarian mushroom soup from Back Street Bistro which closed down a while ago. What????

Located at 418 Montezuma Ave., Suite B