Keshi: the Zuni Connection

When I need a unique gift for an important person in my life, one of my go-to shopping destinations is Keshi: the Zuni Connection.

Keshi specializes in Zuni fetishes – small carvings made by the Zuni people of New Mexico. Typical traditional Zuni fetishes depict animals such as the wolf, badger, bear, mountain lion, eagle, frog, and many others.

In Zuni tradition, each animal is believed to have inherent powers or qualities that may aid the owner of the fetish. When you purchase a fetish from Keshi, included is a small pouch of blue cornmeal with instructions on how to “feed” the fetish to encourage a positive relationship with the spirit of the animal the fetish represents.

Located within walking distance of the Plaza on 227 Don Gaspar Avenue, Keshi also has online offerings.