It’s Farolito Time!

It’s farolito season!  Yes, that’s right – in Santa Fe, farolitos line the streets and houses, giving our fair city it’s own distinct twinkle during the holiday season.  But everyone has to do their part!  So without further ado, here’s HOW TO FAROLITO:

What you’ll need:

A supply of paper lunch sacks. You can find them at most grocery stores.

One tea light candle for each  bag. (If you are afraid you’ll burn down the neighborhood then you can use LED tea lights instead.)

Sand or gravel to weigh down the bag and secure a place for the tea light – about 2 cups per bag.

A long nozzled lighter to ignite the tea light candles.

What to do:

1. Unfold the paper bag to its full capacity.

2. Place approximately two cups of gravel or sand at the base of each bag.

3. Arrange the bags where you want them (typical arrangements are in lines and rows on the ground along streets or sidewalks, on porches, atop roofs, and around courtyards).

4. Then insert a tea light. Use the long nozzled lighter to reach the wick in the bag. Make sure that the flame does not brush or touch the edge of the bag!

5. After all the bags have been lit, enjoy the festive pathway you have created!  Your neighbors will thank you for adding a bit of traditional holiday magic into the neighborhood.