Fixit Clinic

Do you have a broken item that you were planning on throwing away? Don’t toss it!  Bring it to the Fixit Clinic instead where volunteer specialists will help you disassemble, troubleshoot, and, if possible, repair your item. The Fixit Clinic happens this Saturday, May 4th. But  don’t worry, if you miss your chance it will be happening again the first Saturdays of August and November this year. Eligible items include bicycles, clothing, computers, phones, toys, wooden items, appliances, electrical devices, jewelry, and anything else not too large for one person to carry. Maybe we’ll bring in that nice necklace with a broken clasp that has needed fixing for about 5 years….

TIME: 1:00-4:00 PM May 4th
LOCATION: Make Santa Fe, 2879 All Trades Rd.
Before you go….
Please make an appointment by contacting Neal Denton, Sustainability Specialist, at (505) 992-9832 or