Enjoy show tunes at La Cantina

Do you love show tunes? Then don’t miss one of Santa Fe’s most unique dining experiences!

We are talking about La Cantina at Las Casa Sena. At La Cantina, the servers not only take your order and bring your food, they also regularly break into song! Every 10 or 15 minutes, the pianist tickles the ivories while one or more members of the waitstaff belts out Broadway tunes, jazz, classic rock, and standards. Patrons at La Cantina can just sip drinks at the bar in order to enjoy the musical performances, or dine from the same delicious menu that is served at La Casa Sena.

La Cantina is conveniently located within walking distance of Santa Fe’s plaza (125 E Palace Avenue). Reservations for this one-of-a-kind restaurant are highly recommended – just call 505-988-9232.