CrashMurderBusiness Coffee and Elixirs!

Downtown Santa Fe has a new coffee and elixir shop that certainly has the most original name of any culinary establishment that comes to mind! What does the name CrashMurderBusiness Coffee and Elixirs mean? A “crash” is a herd of rhinos, a “murder” is a group of crows, and a “business” is a group of ferrets.

In addition to the standard fare of coffee and espresso drinks, there are specialty drinks that carry the theme of animal groups such as a “Loveliness of Ladybugs” (ceremonial matcha with milk and rose cordial), a “Parliament of Owls” (Earl Gray tea with milk, orange blossom honey, cardamom, and charred cedar bitters), and a “Streak of Tigers” (espresso, milk, curry, black pepper, cacao, and maple syrup).

On a recent visit I ordered the “Glory of Unicorns” (frothy milk with vanilla, maple syrup, and edible glitter) – see the beauty below!

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