Cooking classes at Las Cosas

If you love to cook or just want to learn than consider taking a cooking class with Chef Johnny Vee at Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe and Cooking School. The next class is Tuesday May 9 and the theme is”HOT, SWEET, SALTY, SOUR”,  a greatest hits of Asian food menu where each dish posesses that all important perfect balance of these taste sensations. Your taste buds will POP with a menu full of Thai, Vietnamese, and Southeast Asian goodies including: Seafood Spring Rolls with Citrus Dipping Sauce, Shrimp Toast with Sweet Chile Sauce, Cambodian Num Pang Sandwiches with Hot Cukes, Sticky Rice & Nuoc Mam, Eggplant Sambal, Shrimp Shu Mai with Chili Orange Dipping Sauce, Thai Green Curry Vegetables, and Coconut Rice. Yum!

las cosas