About Santa Fe

Aspen Community Magnet School

450 La Madera , Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


About Aspen Community Magnet School
Grade Levels Served: K - 8
Enrollment: 595

School’s Mission:
Aspen Community Magnet School, in collaboration with families and community, fosters joyful, lifelong learners who are prepared through enriched inquiry-based learning opportunities to become leaders who create tomorrow’s innovative solutions.

School’s Vision/Belief Statement:

  • Excellence in ACadeMicS
  • Children
  • All children are curious learners.
  • All children can achieve success.
  • All children can be leaders.
  • Family
  • Families possess the primary responsibility in their children’s education.
  • Families provide unconditional love, security, and commitment to our children.
  • Families will guide their children toward appreciation, respect and success of the entire community
  • Aspen Community Magnet School
  • Aspen will build learning environments that are safe and nurturing.
  • Aspen will provide for diversity in learning styles and multicultural awareness.
  • Aspen educates and empowers youth to create a just and sustainable world
  • The greater community will nurture independent, caring, and responsible lifelong learners in a healthy, secure, and enjoyable learning environment.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
Aspen is a magnet school that offers Science based hands on inquiry curriculum in physical and earth science through the use of science kits. Literacy is supported through science. Aspen has an on-site literacy coach to offer professional development and mentoring in the area of science and literacy.

Why Our School is Unique:
Aspen offers Science based inquiry as our magnet focus. We are also have partnered with United Way in creating a community school through partnerships. Services in the future will not only be offered to students but to adults and the community at large.