About Santa Fe

E. J. Martinez Elementary School

401 W. San Mateo, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


About E.J. Martinez
Grade Levels Served: K - 6
Enrollment: 350

School’s Mission:
The mission of E. J. Martinez Elementary School is to educate each child to the highest attainable levels of academic excellence, social responsibility, cultural awareness and a sense of wonderment.

School’s Vision:
We want to teach each child to appreciate and benefit from diversity, to reach his/her full potential, and to develop problem solving skills—leading each child to be a responsible and valuable member of his/her family, community, country and world.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
E.J. Martinez Elementary School is focused on teaching all core subjects, implementing state standards and the
District’s Common Commitments. A balanced literacy program creates an opportunity for all students to be
successful. Students are given the opportunity to experience, art, music and physical education. Art and music are both taught cross curricular. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the “Earth’s Birthday” projects, Chamber Music performances, band and music performances and PTA sponsored events.

Why Our School is Unique:
E.J. Martinez is one of the oldest elementary schools in Santa Fe celebrating 50 years during the 2009-2010 school year. It is located in the heart of a well established neighborhood rich in tradition. E.J. Martinez has the oldest garden and orchard that is lovingly taken care of by the students and staff. A strong parent organization is evident by the numerous fundraisers and projects taken on the parents in an effort to support the funding of a physical education teacher. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in band, basketball, swimming, wrestling and cheerleading. Parent nights are set-up several times during the school year. Volunteers are utilized to enhance the learning process.